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Dr. Mazaruddin Ali Khan

Professor & HOD, Orthopedics

  • MBBS: Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad – November, 1988
  • MCH-University of Dundee, UK – 1996
  • MS (Ortho) MRMC – 2008
  • Experience in operating all major Orthopaedic surgeries
  • Orthoplasty of Hip Joint(THR), Knee Joint (TKR)
  • Arthroscopy of should joint, knee joint
  • Surgical long bone fracture
  • Open Reduction and close reduction of joints
  • Excellent skills in recent advances of Orthopaedics, such as PRP & Biological treatment skills
  • Experience in emergency polytrauma management skills
  • Experience in all Revision Surgeries
  • Periprostatic joint and fracture management skills
  • Experience in dealing with Aaroyasri, Insurance & EHS
  • Years of Experience: 32 years
  • 11th CME program – DCMS, Hyderabad 2015
  • 12th CME program – DCMS, Hyderabad 2016
  • Elsevier Dr. NTRUMS Advisory Board on clinical learnings
  • MCI (Medical Council of India) Bask workshop – 2005
  • MEC (Medical Education Cell) DCMS workshop – 2014
  • Knowledge partnership of Maria Middelares Hospital – 2013
  • AO basic course for Surgeons(Nottingham, UK) July 1996
  • Management of Long Bone fractures(Stobhill General Hospital – November 1995
  • 6th International Conference of GMDMM, February 2013
  • IOACON 2014
  • 59th Annual Conference of Indian Orthopaedics Associate – November 2014
  • Mazharuddin Ali Khan, Syed Feroz Ahemd, D Kalyan Reddy and Meer Misbahauddin. “Delayed union in paediatric distal radius fracture management with multiple cast: A case Report”,International Journal of Orthopaedics Sciences (2022:8(1):323-326(DOI: https://doi,org/10.2271/ortho.2022.8.ile,3035).
  • Mazharuddin Ali Khan,Aleem Ahmed Khan , Chandrakala Lukki Reddy and Sandeep Kumar. “Frabrication of Decellularized Amnion and Chorion scaffolds to develop bioengineered cell-laden constructs.” cellular and molecular bioengineering volume 15,pages 137-150(2022).
  • Mazharuddin Ali Khan ,Dr.Nooruddin owaisi,Aleem ahmed khan ,Shaik iqbal ahmed, Sandeep kumar Vishwakarma .” Molecular classification of different forms of arthritis using relative expression analysis of liquid metabolism regulatory molecules. Meta gene volume 27,100839,ISSN 2214-5400(2022).